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Star Sports Live Streaming – Star Sports 1 Hindi Live

Star Sports Live has a wide range of dedicated sports channels that covers almost every sports event in India. The channel not only entertains its audience from India but also broadcasts in Bhutan, Maldives, Nepal, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka. Star Sports has got a far-reaching range of significant Indian language commentary for all sports events. The channel mainly airs commentary in Hindi, English, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Bengali, Marathi, etc.

The channel has broadcast it’s all events at Star Sports 1. Star Sports 2, Star Sports 3 and Star Sports 4. Although English is widely spoken and understood by Indians, preferably people, love to hear the Cricket Match Commentary in Hindi. Therefore, the channel was offering commentary in Hindi and dedicated a channel named “Star Sports 1”. The channel broadcast all matches Indian Cricket Team Test, One Day International and T20I tournaments within the country.

The channel has covered a lot of competitions from ICC Champions Trophy, ICC Cricket World Cup, ICC T20 Cricket World Cup. The great news for cricket fans is Star Sports has HD quality featured live streaming all cricket matches. In addition to HD quality live streaming Star Sports keeps you up to date with Live Score and ball by ball live commentary in Hindi. Everybody from India loves to watch cricket no matter how busy they are in their routine work.

Considering cricket lovers, the channel came up with a different strategy with the live broadcast and free sports streaming. Star Sports to host all matches of India Cricket Schedule 2020.  Star Sports is 100% free where you can enjoy the live match, highlights, and much more exciting news, etc. Cricket is not just a game for the cricket lovers because it has changed from an amateur match to the billion-dollar industry.

Star Sports 1 Live Match

The second most populated country has a huge cricket fan base as compared to the other parts of the world. Only two significant sports channel broadcast cricket in India like Hotstar and Star Sports. Watch IPL all matches live only at Star Sports 1 Live. That is known as the best cricket streaming platform for its HD quality videos. Fans are recommended to bookmark Star Sports website on chrome or any other browser you are using.

Star Sports 1 is the number one channel for broadcasting sports in India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh as well. Cricket match includes all international, domestic first-class and List A cricket events as well. The channel Star Sports 1 broadcast all live matches of international T20 cricket tournaments without annoying ads. The cricket lovers can enjoy IPL, PSL, BPL, BBL, CPL. GT20 Canada, Euro T20 Slam, and so many others as well.

Star Sports 1 Hindi

Star Sports have two significant channels knowns as Star Sports 1 Hindi and Star Sports 1 in English. The channel primarily developed for rural areas and the local population who cannot understand commentary in English. To entertain the local population of India Star Sports initially started its first commentary in Hindi language and gradually moved on. So it has been an easy and great opportunity for cricket fans on Star Sports Live Cricket Match to enjoy in their national style.

Millions of fans love to stay connected with Star Sports 1 just because of irresistible HD quality videos and ad-free streaming. The channel not only focuses on live cricket matches but also air latest match highlights as well.  English is known as the primary or standard language for commentary in all international sports. Although most Indian Populations understand English and speak too, the channel has concentrated on providing cricket commentary in Hindi.

Indian star Sports came up with an exciting idea to air Hindi commentary for its majority viewers across India. All cricket series of Indian National Team for Test, ODI and T20I will be aired in Hindi commentary only at Star Sports 1 HD Hindi. Star Sports have dedicated experts panel which consists of former legendary retired cricketers who have served the Indian National Team.

Most of the time during the crazy contest by Indian team against Australia, England, New Zealand, and South Africa. The channel got expert from either side with a full-fledge commentary panel and expert opinion. Watch live cricket streaming at Star Sports Hindi Live with Hindi commentary. Star Sports 1 Hindi is the first channel of its type which broadcasts all Indian Cricket Team matches internationally.

Star Sports 1 English Live

As mentioned earlier, Star Sports broadcasting not only aired in Hindi or other regional languages of India but in English too. The channels have broadcasting rights outside India like Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, and Bhutan as well. In these countries, Hindi is not well understood.

The channel has an official cricket dugout English commentary panel with pre and post-match analysis by experts. Star Sports 1 English Commentary is the more reliable source because of its expert panel and professionalism in the broadcasting industry.

Star Sports 1 English Live

Although Hindi is the national language of India other, there are several stats languages spoken within the country. Telugu is the state language of Andhra Pradesh. Therefore Star Sports offered the additional facility to the people living in this particular area. Star Sports has Telugu language commentary panel and expert opinion dugout officially as well.

It’s excellent news for the people of Andhra Pradesh to watch live cricket only at Star Sports 1 Telugu and enjoy commentary in their regional language as well. Star Sports channel is first of its nature to offer cricket fans analysis in their local language. The channel has not only Telugu commentary for ICC specific events but also provides any India team cricket match and Indian Premier League as well.

Stars Sports 1 Tamil Live

Star Sports not only broadcast cricket in India but also air cricket matches in Sri Lanka as well. Millions for cricket fans from South part of India and Sri Lanka speak Tamil and don’t understand Hindi. Star Sports 1 Tamil has excellent news for cricket lovers from this particular region to air broadcast in the Tamil language.

Star Sports 1 Tamil is a dedicated channel for the people of South India and Sri Lanka as well. Tamil people will be delighted to watch all matches of Indian Cricket Team likewise Test, ODI and T20I series as well. Star Sports 1 Live Tamil most importantly broadcast Tamil Premier League all events and official media partners as well.

Star Sports 2 Live

The channel is the sister channel of Star Sports Network which mainly covers sports other than cricket. Star Sports 2 or Star Sports HD2 is purely dedicated to Hero Indian Super League, Hockey India League, Pro Kabaddi League, and International Hockey Federation. During the major ICC events, Star Sports 2 purely dedicated to cricket live streaming, especially in the Kannada language.

All other sports events like Football, Kabaddi, Hockey, FIFA, Tennis or other regional sports broadcast Star Sports 2 in India. Cricket fans from around the globe can watch Star Sports Live Online on their smartphones, website or TV channels.  Star Sports is the best option for cricket lovers to watch live online for free in India, Bhutan, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh.

Not only cricket but so many other sports are prevalent in India; Star Sports offers live streaming of Football, Tenis, Kabaddi, and Hockey. Star Sports 2 has officially obtained all broadcasting rights in Kannada commentary for Team India. Kannada is the regional language of State Karnataka in India.

The primary cricket season in India starts every year in the last week of March till the mid of May called the Indian Premier League. IPL is the longest tournament in the T20 league format of cricket which has 60+ scheduled matches. Fans around India loves to watch live streaming and enjoy commentary their respective languages.

Star Sports Android & iOS App

Nowadays everyone is don’t like to sit in front of the TV or big screens etc. People are sticky to their smartphones and spend most of their time with social apps etc. Sports Lovers got a key and have downloaded different apps on their smartphones and enjoy their favorite sports. There are many options available for cricket lovers to watch the match on channels, websites, or merely downloading apps.

Some of the cricket applications on Play Store or the App Store charge subscription charges for their broadcasting but don’t worry Star Sports is FREE. A lot of mobile applications are available at Play Store or the App Store as well, which provides live cricket streaming. But issues arise with geo-restrictions and broadcasting rights for any channel because not all can access from anywhere.

App Features

  • Enjoy your cricket craze with Star Sports with its live streaming, scorecard, news and updates, ball by ball commentary and much more.
  • Watch Live cricket online with Star Sports Live TV. The channel has developed its Android & iOS app, which is available at Play Store and the App Store.
  • Cricket fans can enjoy all matches of top cricket teams around the globe like India, Australia, England, South Africa, Sri Lanka, and Pakistan as well.
  • Stay tuned with everything like a scorecard, ball by ball commentary, cricket match fixtures, latest team rankings, players rankings, etc.
  • Watch live match streaming, post-match highlights, different series, and video on demand for the match and best innings by any batsman or bowlers.
  • Listen to your native language commentary for all sports events only at Star Sports 1, Star Sports 2 and Star Sports 3.
  • Not only cricket but Soccer, Tennis, Kabaddi, Hockey and FIFA fans can enjoy live streaming, match highlights, and news, etc.
  • The channel has high definition Star Sports 1 HD  picture 2160p 4K UHD TV with the 1080i format.

Download and Install

Never miss the exciting ongoing cricket actions and stay connected to the Star Sports Live TV. Download the app from Play Store or the App Store on your smartphone and install it with just one click. Star Sports App has been developed user-friendly with its easy to switch from Star Sports English to Star Sports Hindi with just one click just by making a selection after downloading Star Sports Live App.

Star Sports Cricket Schedule 2020

DateFixtureMatch FormatTime
15-09-2019India v South AfricaT20I19:00
18-09-2019India v South AfricaT20I19:00
22-09-2019India v South AfricaT20I19:00
2/10/2019India v South AfricaTest-1 Day-19:30
3/10/2019India v South AfricaTest-1 Day-29:30
4/10/2019India v South AfricaTest-1 Day-39:30
5/10/2019India v South AfricaTest-1 Day-49:30
6/10/2019India v South AfricaTest-1 Day-59:30
10/10/2019India v South AfricaTest-2 Day-19:30
11/10/2019India v South AfricaTest-2 Day-29:30
12/10/2019India v South AfricaTest-2 Day-39:30
13-10-2019India v South AfricaTest-2 Day-49:30
14-10-2019India v South AfricaTest-2 Day-59:30
19-10-2019India v South AfricaTest-3 Day-19:30
20-10-2019India v South AfricaTest-3 Day-29:30
21-10-2019India v South AfricaTest-3 Day-39:30
22-10-2019India v South AfricaTest-3 Day-49:30
23-10-2019India v South AfricaTest-3 Day-59:30
3/11/2019India v BangladeshT20I19:00
7/11/2019India v BangladeshT20I19:00
10/11/2019India v BangladeshT20I19:00
14-11-2019India v BangladeshTest-1 Day-19:30
15-11-2019India v BangladeshTest-1 Day-29:30
16-11-2019India v BangladeshTest-1 Day-39:30
17-11-2019India v BangladeshTest-1 Day-49:30
18-11-2019India v BangladeshTest-1 Day-59:30
22-11-2019India v BangladeshTest-2 Day-19:30
23-11-2019India v BangladeshTest-2 Day-29:30
24-11-2019India v BangladeshTest-2 Day-39:30
25-11-2019India v BangladeshTest-2 Day-49:30
26-11-2019India v BangladeshTest-2 Day-59:30
6/12/2019India v West IndiesT20I19:00
8/12/2019India v West IndiesT20I19:00
11/12/2019India v West IndiesT20I19:00
15-12-2019India v West IndiesOne Day International14:00
18-12-2019India v West IndiesOne Day International14:00
22-12-2019India v West IndiesOne Day International14:00
5/1/2020India v ZimbabweT20I19:00
7/1/2020India v ZimbabweT20I19:00
10/1/2020India v ZimbabweT20I19:00
14-01-2020India v AustraliaOne Day International14:00
17-01-2020India v AustraliaOne Day International14:00
19-01-2020India v AustraliaOne Day International14:00
24-01-2020New Zealand v IndiaT20I12:30
26-01-2020New Zealand v IndiaT20I12:30
29-01-2020New Zealand v IndiaT20I12:30
31-01-2020New Zealand v IndiaT20I12:30
2/2/2020New Zealand v IndiaT20I12:30
5/2/2020New Zealand v IndiaOne Day International7:30
8/2/2020New Zealand v IndiaOne Day International7:30
11/2/2020New Zealand v IndiaOne Day International7:30
21-02-2020New Zealand v IndiaTest-1 Day-14:00
22-02-2020New Zealand v IndiaTest-1 Day-24:00
23-02-2020New Zealand v IndiaTest-1 Day-34:00
24-02-2020New Zealand v IndiaTest-1 Day-44:00
25-02-2020New Zealand v IndiaTest-1 Day-54:00
29-02-2020New Zealand v IndiaTest-2 Day-14:00
1/3/2020New Zealand v IndiaTest-2 Day-24:00
2/3/2020New Zealand v IndiaTest-2 Day-34:00
3/3/2020New Zealand v IndiaTest-2 Day-44:00
4/3/2020New Zealand v IndiaTest-2 Day-54:00
12/3/2020India v South AfricaOne Day International4:00
15-03-2020India v South AfricaOne Day International4:00
18-03-2020India v South AfricaOne Day International4:00
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