IPL 2020 Schedule Time Table, Fixtures and Venues

Indian Premier League 2020 scheduled to run between April and May of the current year. The thirteen seasons of the tournament will be contested between eight teams representing different regions of Indian. The two months long match is about to make its way, and all sides have announced their team players ahead of 2020 Indian Premier League. The organizers of the tournament release the IPL 2020 Schedule Time Table.

According to the tournament schedule, fixtures, time table, dates and venue details, nine different stadiums in India to host this season. Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) decided to schedule two games of the VIVO IPL ahead of the tournament 13th season. As about ten million Indian people reside in UAE, they don’t have the opportunity to watch the IPL unless they return to India.

Only two matches of the IPL 2020 schedule time table scheduled at Sheikh Zayed Stadium, Abu Dhabi. Except for these two games Delhi, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Rajasthan, and West Bengal. Moreover, Telangana, Punjab, Tamil Nadu Stadiums will host VIVO IPL 2020 fixture. As per the IPL Teams, there are eight teams to participate in this great 60 days long cricket tournament.

All sides have announced their team players, squad and line ahead of Indian Premier League 2020. Teams have recruited few players, released from their previous units, and retained the iconic players. Rajasthan Royals have made the most significant changes with the replacement of more than 50% squad from their last year lineup.

Chennai Super Kings have made very few changes by bringing four new players and releasing five players. The franchise has retained 19 players from their previous line that makes the highest retention rate. The followings are all teams to take part in the upcoming cricket season of the tournament. 

IPL 2020 Teams 

The team names abbreviated as CSK (Chennai Super Kings), KXIP (Kings XI Punjab), RR (Rajasthan Royals), and DC (Delhi Capitals). Moreover MI (Mumbai Indians), RCB (Royal Challengers Bangalore), KKR (Kolkata Knight Riders), SRH (SunRisers Hyderabad)

IPL 2020 Venues

IPL 2020 Schedule With Venue: There are nine venues selected to host 61 matches of the Indian Premier League ahead of the 13th season of the tournament. Delhi and Maharashtra cricket stadiums to host nine games each for the upcoming IPL 2020 season.

West Bengal and Karnataka State cricket stadiums to host eight events of 2020 IPL Twenty20 season. Rajasthan cricket ground will host seven games of the tournament. Moreover, Telangana, Punjab, and Telangana stadium to host six games for each team. Sheikh Zayed Stadium to host only two games of the IPL 2020 teams 

  • Chinnaswamy Stadium, Bangalore
  • Feroz Shah Kotla, Delhi
  • Rajiv Gandhi International Cricket Stadium, Hyderabad
  • Eden Gardens, Kolkata
  • Sawai Mansingh Stadium, Jaipur
  • Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai
  • Punjab Cricket Association IS Bindra Stadium, Mohali
  • A. Chidambaram Stadium, Chennai
  • ACA-VDCA Cricket Stadium, Visakhapatnam

IPL 2020 Time Table & Dates

Currently, we do not have any official announcement from the organizer of Indian Premier League BCCI about the Vivo IPL Twenty20 time table and dates. Below given IPL schedule 2020 is driven from the last year, and once we get the official announcement will update accordingly. We will show you the IPL 2020 schedule time table with venue details.

As per the last year,  when we have two matches on a single day, then the first match will start at 4:30 p.m. the local time of India. The second game on a particular day starts at 7:30 p.m. live from the IPL venues 2020. the IPL 20-20 match list and schedule will be updated once we have from BCCI. 

IPL Teams 2020 Schedule

CSK Roster 2020

MI Roster 2020

RCB Roster 2020

KXIP Roster 2020

RR Roster 2020

SRH Roster 2020

DC Roster 2020

KKR Roster 2020

IPL 2020 Complete Schedule


Schedule to be Updated after the Official announcement by BCCI! The below give is the predicted Schdule.

MatchDateFixtureStadiumTime (IST)
129 March 2020MI vs CSKWankhede, Mumbai20:00
229 March 2020KKR vs SRHEden Gardens, Kolkata16:00
330 March 2020MI vs DCWankhede, Mumbai20:00
431 March 2020RR vs KXIPSawai Mansingh, Jaipur20:00
51 April 2020DC vs CSKFeroz Shah Kotla Delhi20:00
62 April 2020KKR vs KXIPEden Gardens, Kolkata20:00
73 April 2020RCB vs MIM.Chinnaswamy Bangaluru20:00
84 April 2020SRH vs RRRGI Hyderabad20:00
94 April 2020KXIP vs MIPCA Mohali16:00
105 April 2020DC vs KKRFeroz Shah Kotla, Delhi20:00
115 April 2020SRH vs RCBRGI, Hyderabad16:00
126 April 2020CSK vs RRM.A.Chidambaram, Chennai20:00
137 April 2020KXIP vs DCPCA, Mohali20:00
148 April 2020RR vs RCBSawai Mansingh, Jaipur20:00
159 April 2020MI vs CSKWankhede, Mumbai20:00
1610 April 2020DC vs SRHFeroz Shah Kotla, Delhi20:00
1711 April 2020CSK vs KKRM.Chinnaswamy, Bangalore20:00
1811 April 2020KKR vs KXIPEden Gardens, Kolkata16:00
1912 April 2020RCB vs DCSheikh Zayed, UAE20:00
2012 April 2020SRH vs CSKR.G.I. Hyderabad16:00
2113 April 2020RR vs MISawai Mansingh, Jaipur20:00
2214 April 2020DC vs KXIPFeroz Shah Kotla, Delhi20:00
2315 April 2020MI vs SRHWankhede, Mumbai20:00
2416 April 2020RCB vs CSKM.Chinnaswamy, Bangalore20:00
2517 April 2020SRH vs KXIPR.G.I. Hyderabad20:00
2618 April 2020DC vs KKRFeroz Shah Kotla, Delhi20:00
2718 April 2020CSK vs MIM.A.Chidambaram, Chennai16:00
2819 April 2020RR vs SRHSawai Mansingh, Jaipur20:00
2919 April 2020RCB vs KKRM.Chinnaswamy, Bangalore16:00
3020 April 2020CSK vs DCM.A.Chidambaram, Chennai20:00
3121 April 2020RCB vs MIM.Chinnaswamy, Bangalore20:00
3222 April 2020DC vs RRFeroz Shah Kotla, Delhi20:00
3323 April 2020KKR vs CSKEden Gardens, Kolkata20:00
3424 April 2020KXIP vs MIPCA, Mohali20:00
3525 April 2020CSK vs RCBM.A.Chidambaram, Chennai20:00
3625 April 2020SRH vs DCR.G.I. Hyderabad16:00
3726 April 2020MI vs KKRWankhede, Mumbai20:00
3826 April 2020KXIP vs RRPCA, Mohali16:00
3927 April 2020RCB vs SRHR.G.I. Hyderabad20:00
4028 April 2020RR vs KXIPSawai Mansingh, Jaipur20:00
4129 April 2020KKR vs MIEden Gardens, Kolkata20:00
4230 April 2020DC vs SRHFeroz Shah Kotla, Delhi20:00
431 May 2020RR vs CSKSawai Mansingh, Jaipur20:00
442 May 2020KXIP vs KKRPCA, Mohali20:00
452 May 2020DC vs RRSheikh Zayed, UAE16:00
463 May 2020KXIP vs RCBPCA, Mohali20:00
473 May 2020MI vs RRWankhede, Mumbai16:00
484 May 2020KKR vs SRHEden Gardens, Kolkata20:00
495 May 2020CSK vs MIM.A.Chidambaram, Chennai20:00
506 May 2020KKR vs RREden Gardens, Kolkata20:00
517 May 2020MI vs KXIPWankhede, Mumbai20:00
528 May 2020RCB vs RRM.Chinnaswamy, Bangalore20:00
539 May 2020DC vs CSKFeroz Shah Kotla, Delhi20:00
549 May 2020RCB vs SRHM.Chinnaswamy, Bangalore16:00
5510 May 2020MI vs KKRWankhede, Mumbai20:00
5610 May 2020RR vs RCBSawai Mansingh, Jaipur16:00
5711 May 2020DC vs CSKFeroz Shah Kotla, Delhi20:00
5814 May 2020Qualifier-1Eden Gardens, Kolkata20:00
5915 May 2020EliminatorM.Chinnaswamy, Bangalore20:00
6016 May 2020Qualifier-2M.A.Chidambaram, Chennai20:00
6124 May 2020FINALWankhede, Mumbai20:00
Updated: 23/01/2020 — 11:14 am